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Neatway offers Innovation services to manufacturers worldwide. If you require a new innovative product or your existing product line needs improving you have come to the right place.  Let us help you dominate your marketplace by improving your product line or design a completely new product from scratch.  All new products are covered by provisional patents ready to be upgraded to the patent of your choice. Save money by allowing us to take over your companies R&D and only pay on positive results.

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The Zip/Cable tie industry is a Billion Dollar marketplace. First invented in 1956 the basic design has remained the same. The zip-tie system is widely used worldwide.

There are however fundamental flaws in the original concept.

  1. Wastage is a fact of life with every tie. It is estimated that for every one of the 100 billion ties used each and every year. 6″ of not easily degradable nylon is discarded onto landfills.  The is a staggering 50 billion feet a year, an environmental catastrophe!
  2. The common tie is available in pre-set sizes. This restriction means the average tie user needs to keep a multitude of sizes on hand to ensure they have the correct size for the job at hand, this restriction increases user cost.
  3. Unless purchasing expensive re-usable ties the common tie is discarded after use.

    Our Solution

    The Zip/Cable Tie Re-invented.  The Ziptight tie is a revolutionary solution to securing items together. High tensile strength is maintained while wastage, size restrictions and labor costs of using are cut to a minimum.


90% less wastage over conventional Zip-Tie/Cable-Tie systems.
The Ziptight system alleviates the need to carry multiple sizes of ties.


Patents and trademarks are pending on the Ziptight System.



Neatways mission is to improve the user experience of everyday products through innovative design.


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